Newsflash: Banks are greedy

A former top employee of ANZ has said that the banking industry has a culture of greed and a disregard for customers. Christopher Page made the comments while speaking to a group of students at the University of Melbourne.

Are we really surprised?

I read in the news today that a former senior bank employee has said that the banking industry is ruled by a culture of greed. Well, really? In other news the sky is blue, the month is June and we’re yet to discover any credible evidence of Big Foot. n n

Death to the cheque

After a year-long review the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) has announced that while the humble cheque will be allowed to remain for now, it will not be around for many more years.

Banking & Investment

Exit fees explained

One hurdle to switching loan providers is the exit fees financial institutions charge to allow you to break your agreement. While there is much media coverage about such fees, do you really know what they are?

Seniors Finance

Save your super

The recent share market plunge will have knocked 3 to 5 percent off super fund balances and with Australians on average having four super accounts, this is a large proportion of your retirement income. Now is the time to consider consolidating your superannuation and saving on fees.


Missing money

Can you imagine money that is rightfully yours, just sitting somewhere, unclaimed? The Australian Investment Strategies Commission (ASIC) is urging Australians to lay their claim on $600 million, which has recently been turned over by banks, credit unions, insurance companies and companies taken over.

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