Beers, ciders, gourmet food vendors, live music: GABF is better than great!

Geelong is playing host to the Great Australian Beer Festival on 18 February. With over 200 beers and ciders and 13 gourmet food vendors, it’s not just great, it’s spectacular!


Good Beer Week: the battle for Australia’s best craft beer

The 6th annual Good Beer Week took place in May and Leon took on the 'difficult' task of sipping a barrage of beers from six states to find the best Australian craft beer.


Beer: how it’s made, from barley malt to bottling

Not all beers are created equal. In fact, nothing could be further from this truth. Learn how beer is made, from the initial ingredients to the way it is bottled, and every stage in between

Travelling On A Budget

Where in the world can you buy the cheapest beer?

Where in the world can you buy the cheapest beer? The GoEuro Beer Price Index collected prices on beers from 75 countries and ranked them from most expensive to cheapest.

Health news

Are you drinking too much?

That empty wine bottle on your dinner table each night might be telling you something. We discuss four major drinking habits and show you a quiz which tells you if you’re drinking too much.

Men's Health

Man flu and other myths

Can men get breast cancer, is low-carb beer really the healthy choice and is ‘Man-flu’ just an opportunist with a cold? Discover the answers to these questions and more as we debunk some common men’s health myths.

Love to have a beer?

Imagine my delight when the good folks at Trainworks in Thirlmere, NSW decided to create a family day which will combine the chance to poke around the railway sheds, discover local cuisine and enjoy a beer tasting from one of the many craft beer brewers.

Publisher's Pick

Red Hill Brewery

Red Hill Brewery has been a Fallick family favourite for a few years now, but just what makes this eatery worth going back to time and time again?


Cold beer, warm nights

Using an impressive combination of skill and local ingenuity, this young man from Darwin is making beer from his shed in a true micro-brewery method. Article from ManSpace Magazine.


Beer, damper and pan fried kangaroo!

This is the YOURLifeChoices version of a recipe we first discovered from the Kangeroo Industry Association of Australia website. It’s a delicious combination of all the Aussie staples – our national emblem, the kangaroo, beer and damper cooked in the camp fire.