PM’s plan to slash power costs

The Prime Minister is set to announce a $102 million plan to slash power prices and protect Australians from blackouts, with new technology that will connect the east coast power grids.


Ex-PM damns his former party

‘The Liberal Party has just proved itself incapable of dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in any sort of systematic way,’ says former PM.

Seniors Finance

How bill smoothing can help you

Financial comparison site Canstar describes bill smoothing as a way of paying smaller amounts more frequently, rather than paying one large bill a few times a year.


10 simple water-saving tips

You’re not a ‘wally with water’ but you open those quarterly bills with trepidation. Are you doing everything possible to keep costs down? We reveal how you can cut your water bill.


Power price reductions are here

Your next utilities bill may cost you slightly less, after Australian energy providers put lower rates in place as of 1 July, but the Grattan Institute says high prices are here to stay.


Water bills take a dive

For the first time since 2012, the price of household water bills has fallen, the Bureau of Meteorology has revealed.


Hard copy bills may soon be free

Utilities charges are a monthly expense many find challenging to manage. Being charged a fee to receive such bills in the mail borders on arrogance. But hard copy charges could soon be a thing of the past.


Set and forget your bill payments

Are you one of those forgetful types when it comes to paying regular bills, like me? Thankfully, automated payments came to my rescue years ago.

Claiming your pension overseas

Pension Supplement faces razor

Pensioners travelling or living overseas for more than six weeks will no long receive the Pension Supplement from January 1, under legislation being considered.

Finance News

Pay much less for your electricity

The consumer watchdog has urged Australians not to wait a moment more before shopping for a better electricity pricing deal.

Finance News

Wallets could soon be redundant

Bankwest has begun testing wearable payment technology as it examines the way contactless payments will evolve.


Moves to outlaw fees for paper bills

Draft laws propose banning companies from charging customers for providing paper bills and statements.

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