Bloody hilarious Friday Funnies – for World Blood Donor Day

It’s World Blood Donor Day today and while we applaud all blood donors and encourage everyone who can to donate, we decided we should have a little fun with them too.


Finger prick test detects early stage cancers: report

It’s being touted as the Holy Grail – a simple finger prick blood test that can detect cancers long before they show up in scans.

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Six things you didn’t know about blood donation

25,000 individual blood donations are needed every week across Australia. Are you a regular donor or could you become one?

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Blood type linked to higher risk of heart attack or stroke

People with the blood groups A, B or AB are nine per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, according to new research.

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Explainer: what are blood groups and why do they matter?

While it was once thought all blood was the same, we now know there are different types of blood, called blood groups. So, what are these blood groups and why do they matter?

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Donor blood levels dangerously low

The Red Cross is dangerously low in donor blood. Due to a decline in donors there is currently just 2.2 days’ supply of all blood types. If you have been thinking about donating blood then perhaps now is the time.



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