You’re still hot to me

Comedian Jean Kittson’s latest offering, You’re still hot to me, is a straight-up look at the world of menopause. Ms Kittson has set out to start a real, open discussion about the highs (temperatures, that is) and lows of menopause. Read the review.

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French Women Don’t Get Facelifts

In a world of people trying to sell you something, Mireille’s message is refreshing.

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How to age

Often ageing is either defined entirely by disability, dependency and isolation, or conversely with the model of the bungee-jumping, botoxed baby-boomer. Both are manifestations of the same fear – the fear of getting older. In this practical book, Anne Karpf asks what it would mean to be 'pro-age'.

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The Baby Boom by P.J. O’Rourke

P.J. O’Rourke, born during the Baby Boom, turns a keen eye on himself and his generation.

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50 people who stuffed up Australia

For a fun gift idea, David reviews Guy Rundle and Dexter Rightwad’s latest offering, 50 People Who Stuffed Up Australia.

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Humans of New York

Discover Humans of New York, a book based on the popular blog which reveals the weird and wonderful inhabitants of The Big Apple.


The rise of collaboration

Do Ebay, Craiglist, AirBnB ring any bells? Well these are all examples of established forms of collaborative consumption. In What’s Mine is Yours, Rachel Botsman and Roo Rodgers look at the switch in how we now transact with one and other in a truly free marketplace, where supply and price is determined by demand.

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Unique insights into how to anticipate, adapt, enjoy and deal with change

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My mother, my father

This collection of memoirs contains the writers’ personal stories of losing their parents.

Seniors Finance

Roadmap for your retirement

An essential guide to assist you in assessing your goals for the later stage of your life

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Stillways: A Memoir by Steve Bisley

Andrea reviews Stillways, the often hilarious and sometimes poignant biography of much loved Aussie larrikin Steven Bisley.

Gone reader

Be warned, this crime novel is one you simply can’t put down

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