Together Apart: Life in Lockdown

Jude Van Daalen and Belinda Jackson's beautiful book illustrates pandemic life and explores Melbourne communities to find out how they navigated the world's strictest lockdown.


Films and books that changed your life

The other day on the radio an announcer asked the audience for the film that had changed their life – their ‘coming-of-age’ movie that had…


Win a copy of Noel Whittaker's new book, Retirement Made Simple

Answer a simple question and you could be settling down to read Noel's latest book.


Places around the world that inspired famous books

For many of us, one of the greatest things about travel is seeing the places we’ve read about in our favourite books. Here are five places that inspired famous authors.


How Girl on the Train author spends her millions

Paula Hawkins’ hit debut, The Girl On The Train, made her seriously rich – but what does she splurge on?

Book Reviews

Six great books for Father’s Day – or any time

When you’re stuck for a gift, a book is often the perfect solution. Here are some recommendations from the experts.

Book Reviews

Classic novels you always meant to read

Are you in need of a good book? Here are 10 classics that you absolutely should read if you haven’t already.


Harlan Coben: 32 books means a lot of time alone

The bestselling thriller writer talks to Hannah Stephenson about moving into TV territory, the joy of working in teams and why he has to write.


Cut out the guesswork with these summer reading tips

Bookshop owner Corrie Perkin offers her summer reading tips – books that could make great gifts or maybe you’d like to add them to your wish list.


The top five grammar myths: How many do you follow?

Many teachers use a combination of white lies and habits to keep students’ writing focused, but many are not actually based on rules of the English language.


The important gift you can offer your grandchildren

The grandkids deserve our unqualified love, patience, care, moral and behavioural guidance and lots of reading time – and I mean book time, not device time.

eReaders & eBooks

How to download ebooks for free

Learn how to download tens of thousands of classic books for free, and read them on any or all of your devices with Ryan’s top suggestions.

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