Easy ways to cut expenses

If not kept in check; everyday expenses can see you blow your budget. These simple tips may seem obvious, but how many do you follow?

Book Reviews

Top five books of 2014

Whether you are looking for crime, a biography, prize winners or just a light-read and a laugh, this list of the top five books to read in 2014 has something for everyone.


Little Women

Today is a great day for literature, as it is the shared birthday of both C.S. Lewis, who gave us The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Louisa May Alcott, who wrote Little Women. Why not enjoy these clips from the movie adaptations of both novels?

Book Reviews

Best-selling ‘dummies guides’

… for Dummies is possibly the most successful series of books ever published. And when it comes to technology, people can’t get enough of this simplified information.


Book swapping explained

One of the easiest ways to indulge your passion for reading and save money is to join a book-swapping group. Find out how it works so that you can start swapping.

Book Reviews

Stillways: A Memoir by Steve Bisley

Andrea reviews Stillways, the often hilarious and sometimes poignant biography of much loved Aussie larrikin Steven Bisley.

Publisher's Pick

Whileaway in Port Douglas

There are many eateries in Port Douglas, but just one Whileaway

Book Reviews

Cooking for Claudine

Andrea reviews John Baxter’s book ‘Cooking for Claudine’


Five last minute stocking-stuffer books

If there’s a space on the stocking you’re filling this Christmas, consider these handy sized books, there’s something to suit everyone.

Book Reviews

The Casual Vacancy

The lives of the townsfolk of the small West Country town of Padford as they prepare for the local parish council elections, may not seem a particularly racy setting for book, but behind closed doors…

Technology Q&A

How can I buy online securely?

After the recent closure of her local Borders bookshop, YOURLifeChoices subscriber Mary wants to purchase books from online book retailer, Amazon. Mary is hesitant due to increasing cyber theft and fraud. Webmaster Drew explains how to buy securely online.

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