Brain health

The age you gain weight plays a role in Alzheimer's risk

If you have put on weight during the pandemic and are worried about an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, you may not need to worry.

Brain health

A neurologist on how to keep your brain fighting fit

Author and brain expert Professor James Goodwin tells Liz Connor about a few simple lifestyle changes to help slow and even reverse cognitive decline.

Brain health

Study links dementia to poor kidney function

Older people with kidney disease have a higher risk of dementia, and the risk increases with the rate and stage of kidney function decline, says a new study.

Brain health

Drinks a neuroscientist recommends for better brain health

Water is obviously the best drink you can have for a whole host of reasons, but if you find it a bit boring here are three other drinks you can try to boost your brain health.

Brain health

Loss of pleasure and happiness linked to dementia

Those living with a type of dementia that affects younger people can't feel as happy as they did before developing the disease because the pleasure system in their brain has deteriorated, new research suggests.


New films show the fear and loss that come with dementia

Two new films explore the fear of forgetting, loss of control, and other complexities that accompany a dementia diagnosis.

Brain health

Aerobic exercise could slow memory loss in those with Alzheimer's

Promising new research shows aerobic exercise may help slow memory loss for older adults living with Alzheimer’s dementia.

Health news

Science uncovers foods that fight ageing and improve brain health

Super foods chia seeds and curcumin offer incredible health benefits to older adults, according to some new research.


Unhealthy foods can cancel cognitive benefits of a healthy diet

Adding foods from a Western diet to the Mediterranean diet can reduce the benefits.

Brain health

Diagnosing dementia in middle-aged people

A diagnosis of younger onset dementia can be devastating, but specialist service can help to provide clarity and support, faster.

Brain health

Dementia risk increases with certain types of work

Men in jobs with hard physical work have a higher risk of developing dementia.


Sitting’s bad rap: Sedentary lifestyle could be good for older adults

New study reveals that sedentary older adults perform better on reasoning tasks and vocabulary tests.

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