Brain health

Diagnosing dementia in middle-aged people

A diagnosis of younger onset dementia can be devastating, but specialist service can help to provide clarity and support, faster.

Brain health

Dementia risk increases with certain types of work

Men in jobs with hard physical work have a higher risk of developing dementia.


Sitting’s bad rap: Sedentary lifestyle could be good for older adults

New study reveals that sedentary older adults perform better on reasoning tasks and vocabulary tests.

Brain health

Common sleep condition doing just as much damage as Alzheimer's

Australian researchers discover identical signs of brain damage in sleep apnoea and Alzheimer’s.

Brain health

Non-invasive sleep test could predict dementia in older adults

Dementia often goes undiagnosed while people are active and awake, so it may come as a surprise to many that scientists now think they can diagnose it in your sleep.


Researchers raise alarm over COVID link to Parkinson’s

Researchers believe long-term neurological consequences may present a ‘silent wave’ of COVID-19.

Brain health

Simple lifestyle changes could beat Alzheimer’s, says new study

Simple changes to your lifestyle could prevent Alzheimer’s disease, even if cognitive decline has already set in, says new research from the Australian National University (ANU).


What is cognitive reserve and how can you improve yours?

Cognitive decline can be a natural part of ageing but maintaining high cognitive reserve can help prevent or delay its onset. So, what is cognitive reserve and how can you improve yours?

Mental Health

School children in frontline to battle dementia stigma

A pilot program for young school children is demystifying dementia and aiming to remove the stigma associated with the brain illness.


Improve your memory with these five tips

Memory loss is a natural part of ageing, but science continually finds new ways to improve our ability to recall. Here are five great ways to improve your power of retention.

Health news

Ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s

As we get older, Alzheimer’s is probably the most feared condition we could face. Earl detection is the best way to to halt its progress.


Everyday ways to keep your brain active

Keeping your mind active not only relieves boredom, but can also help keep your brain sharp, improve your memory and stave off the onset of dementia.

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