More flexible work hours for over 55s

Julia Gillard has announced plans to give Australian workers the right to request more flexible working arrangements. Those who have an obligation to care for others, such as children or elderly relatives, will be entitled to ask employers to change their work commitments. This right will also be extended to victims of domestic violence and all workers over the age of 55.

Have your say on the news

Election 2013 will no doubt feature prominently in our news articles between now and 14 September, but hopefully we’ll manage to get the mix just right. Why not find out what news stories made the cut this week?

Government's impromptu Senate reshuffle

Just days after announcing the date for the next Federal Election, Julia Gillard has been forced to make some major changes to her party’s frontbench.

Greens back sharemarket hoax

The controversial hoax by environmental campaigner Jonathan Moylan has received a ‘thumbs up’ from Greens leader Christine Milne. On Monday Mr Moylan of Frontline Action on Coal issued a fake media release from the ANZ bank stating that the financial institution had reneged on a loan agreement with mining company Whitehaven.

Get paid for spying on shoplifters

A UK-based website is calling for Australians to help fight the battle on crime in Britain. Subscribers with some time of their hands can access CCTV footage via Internet Eyes website and earn up to approximately $385 per month. When an illegal act such as shoplifting, vandalism or even violence is spotted, subscribers send an online alert to the business concerned.

What a news week it's been

What a week it’s been for news. The YOURLifeChoices team certainly hasn’t been stumped for issue to have opinions on, but what have our members had to say?

Seniors’ black market drug bust

Leading pain and addiction experts are calling for those receiving opiate-based painkillers, many of which are seniors, to be routinely tested. This is to ensure that those receiving prescriptions for opioids such as OxyContin are taking the drug and not selling it on.

Citizens make a stand against crime

A lone gunman who tried to hold up a McDonald’s restaurant in Melbourne got more than he bargained for. Despite wearing a menacing balaclava and brandishing a gun, diners at the restaurant tackled him to the ground.

America votes 2012

Right now about 130 million Americans are voting for the 45th President of the United States. Some will have voted early, others will go to the polls in the next few hours.

The kindness movement

Random acts of kindness by strangers are going some way to restore faith in humanity. A couple of dollars to catch a bus, change for a coffee, or simply passing on a newspaper to a stranger on the train can all make a difference to someone’s day.

Supermarkets reap Halloween rewards

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths are reporting increased sales of costumes, lollies and pumpkins on the lead up to Halloween. Despite essentially being an American holiday, Australians appear to be embracing the spooky antics celebrated on 31 October.

Armstrong facing perjury charge

Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has not only been given a lifetime ban from the sport of cycling, after compelling evidence was given by teammates that he had used performance-enhancing drugs, he could now face charges of perjury.

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