How will super changes affect you?

While the changes to superannuation proposed in this year’s Federal Budget have yet to become law, being aware of how they might affect you will help you make informed decisions on managing your retirement savings.

Federal Budget 2016

Treasurer blames ‘taxed-nots’ for risk of recession

Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered the first of three ‘headland’ speeches on the economy yesterday, claiming that too few taxpayers are helping the Government reduce the deficit.


Are we missing the real purpose of superannuation?

It seems that the financial services industry is in furious agreement that the purpose of superannuation needs to be enshrined in law, but does the current proposal go far enough?


Scott Morrison sheds more light on super cap exemptions

Treasurer Scott Morrison has again used the media to drop clues about the Coalition’s superannuation ‘life event’ cap exemptions.


Superannuation: changes to appease Liberal Party dissent

As Malcolm Turnbull prepares to unveil his new look front bench, Treasurer Scott Morrison appears to be back-pedalling on the proposed superannuation changes.


Superannuation: retrospectivity to cut retirement income

The big end of town doesn't often support the need for greater scrutiny of legislation surrounding their practices, however, Ian Silk is bucking this trend.

Federal Election 2016

Election 2016: health more important than economy

While Malcolm Turnbull focuses on ‘Jobs and Growth’, he’s missing the mark with older voters, with 52 per cent claiming health is the issue that will decide who gets their vote in Election 2016.


Election 2016: Labor plans to scrap business tax cut unpopular

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) has accused Labor of playing ‘fast and loose’ with Australia’s economy, claiming its election campaign is anti-business and dangerous.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016/17: Will super changes affect your retirement?

As we plunge into Election 2016 campaigning, there are two competing proposals on the table concerning superannuation. And for those in or entering retirement, the implications may be harsh.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016/17: Medicare rebate freeze to cost patients

Patients could end up paying dearly for GP consultations if a proposal in Budget 2016/17, to extend the freeze on Medicare rebates until 2020, isn’t reconsidered.

Age Pension payment rates

Age Pension: is it being cut?

Sally is sure that she’s read somewhere that the Age Pension is to be cut following the Budget 2016/17 announcement. Is this the case?

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016/17: Super changes for high income earners

Generous superannuation tax concessions have long been in the firing line of the Australian public and in Budget 2016/17, Treasurer Scott Morrison has swung the axe to make super fairer.

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