Cheap Flights & Airfares

Best value air routes revealed

Travellers looking for the best value flights will love the research recently released by, which has calculated the best value air routes from each Australian state.

Self-drive holidays

Research shows Aussies want to stay close to home

Aussie travellers prefer to explore their own backyard instead of heading overseas or roaming across country, according to recent research conducted by Avis Australia.


Cheap alternatives to pricier dream destinations

The key to travelling in retirement is getting the most bang for your buck, and that can mean looking for alternatives to often very pricey tourist hotspots.


Travel SOS: when is the best time to book a cruise?

Gemma has been saving for a South Pacific cruise and wants to know when is the best time to book. Today, in Travel SOS, Leon shares tips.


Six free things you can get on a cruise if you ask

Cruise expert Gary Bembridge reveals the six free things you can get on your next cruise – if you ask.


Revealed: The best time to book Christmas flights

New research shows that booking your flights 17 to 18 weeks before Christmas will save you around 30 per cent on the cost of average airfares.


Big price rises on the way for Aussie travellers in 2020: report

Procrastinating Aussie travellers should pull their fingers out and plan their trips sooner rather than later, as a new report predicts that domestic travel prices are set to rise by almost twice the global average.


Bali’s low-cost airport could save travellers thousands – or not

Bali’s new international airport touted as the low-cost carrier’s hub, but at what cost to travellers staying on the other side of the island?


Full-cost carriers or budget airlines: Which offer better value?

Do low-cost flights really offer a bargain, or do the included extras in full-service flights justify the higher pricing? Flight experts Point Hacks weigh up the pros and cons and, of course, the cost.


Travellers miss flights on purpose to score cheaper flights

There’s a way for cheeky travellers to score cheaper flights. It’s called ‘skiplagging’ or ‘hidden city flights’, but how does this audacious method work?


Cheap and cheeky tricks to get you more leg room

Do you find plane seats tight and uncomfortable? Tired of scraping your knees on the seat in front of you? Then try these cheeky tips for getting more leg room.

Tours & Trips

Busting budget travel myths

Should you book early? Is it better to buy foreign currency here or there? Today, Leon answers those questions and more as he busts five budget travel myths.

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