Now is the cheapest time of the year to travel to Europe

Summer in Europe is well underway, and if you need an excuse to escape the cold of Australian winter, then the fact that this is the cheapest it’s been all year to travel there may send you packing.


How I travelled the world with only a carry-on bag

From first snow in Iceland to sweltering on the beaches in Havana, I can say with confidence that it is possible to travel the world with just a carry-on bag, no checked luggage required.


Mastercard ranks the most popular destination for travellers

When you think about the world’s most popular tourist destinations, London, Paris and New York will usually spring to mind. But the world’s most popular destination city is none of these, and you may be surprised where it is.

Travel Deals

Travel to the Kimberley in 2019 and your partner flies free

Have you explored the wilderness frontier hidden away in your own backyard? If not, then it's time to consider a cruise along the magnificent Kimberley coast.


An Australian airline named world’s cheapest

Flights within and outside of Australia can be pretty expensive, but not so with this Aussie airline, which has just been named the world’s cheapest.


JAL’s new low-cost carrier will target Australian travellers

Japan is a hot destination for Australian travellers, so the announcement that Japan Airlines is introducing a new low-cost carrier will be welcomed by anyone wishing to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.


Travel agents tell all: How to get the best flight deals online

One thing that appeals to all travellers is the opportunity of a good travel deal, so Australia’s largest online travel agent has some tips for finding the best airfares online.


How to save money on hotel stays

Often, accommodation is the biggest cost of your holiday, but today we share 12 simple ways to save on hotel stays.


Why a repositioning cruise may be the best value voyage

Manuela wants to book a cruise and has heard about repositioning cruises but isn't quite sure how they work (and how she'll get home). So Leon gives her the lowdown on why a repositioning cruise may be the best value voyage.


Luxury travel experiences without the high price tag

Often, the memories we treasure the most on our travels are the moments that money can't buy. SJ Fallick shares her tips for achieving luxury travel experience without the high price tag.


How to get more bang for your buck on a Canada holiday

Not only is Canada in the top two preferred destinations for YourLifeChoices members, but dollar for dollar, it is also one of the best-value destinations for older Australians.


UK traveller assesses how expensive it is to travel Australia

We know we live in the Lucky Country, and we also know that we pay a premium for our quality of life. This UK traveller offers some tips for travelling around the country for less.

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