Seven destinations where your money will last longer

Want to know where your holiday dollars will last the longest? These seven destinations will give you maximum bang for your buck.


Flash sale: Save hundreds on airfares to the UK and beyond

If the UK, Europe or Asia are high on your travel wish list, then now may be the time to book, with British Airways' early-bird airfares that could save you hundreds.


Travel SOS: Beware of these hidden airfare fees

The whole idea of budget airfares is to keep down the cost of flying. Yet, airlines will often ask you if you need an extra here and there that quickly inflates the price of your once-cheap flight.


Four simple ways to make your holiday cheaper

Just because you don’t have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. These tips will help you save for your next holiday, or lower the cost of your holiday while you’re away.


Travel SOS: the ups and downs of basic economy

Meredith is jetting off to the States and has found that booking a basic economy ticket from LA to Massachusetts is cheaper than flying direct. However, she wants to know if there’s a downside to basic economy so, in Travel SOS, we explain the ups and downs of 'cattle class'.


Why now is the best time to book your Christmas flights

The festive season is just around the corner and the good news is, it’s not too late to find cheap Christmas flights to most destinations.


Jetstar now offers a fly now, pay later service

Passengers can now pay for their flights after they fly, after Jetstar joined with innovative payment platform Afterpay.


Where you can go with fewer than 60,000 Frequent Flyer points

Do you have a pile of Frequent Flyer points clogging up on your card? Well, Qantas has just released a handy guide that tells you where you can go for fewer than 60,000 points.


How to travel the world with almost no money

Travel doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you ask Tomislav Perko, he’ll tell you that having no money is no excuse to not take off and tour the world. Today, he tells you how to do it.


Best value destinations: where do you get more for your dollar?

The oracles of all things budget travel, Skyscanner Australia has analysed the average cost of flights, food and accommodation in a range of countries to find the best value destinations.


Chill out in Khao Lak, Thailand – for the price of peanuts

Imagine an eight-night resort stay in an exclusive child-free locale on Thailand’s north-west coast. For the price of peanuts, Max and Jenny recently lived the dream in a luxury Thai resort.


Travel SOS: how do house-swap holidays work?

Have you ever heard of house-swap holidays? Beverly has, and she’s wondering how it all works. In Travel SOS, Leon goes through the basics.

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