Cruising Tips

Cruising: what’s the etiquette for sharing a cruise ship cabin?

Sharing a cruise ship cabin may save you money, but it can come at the cost of being a little less comfortable. Give yourself the best chance of a happier holiday with these simple tips.

European Rail Tours

Five reasons to travel Eurostar

With frequent timetables and incredible efficiency, Eurostar is a great alternative to flying between the UK and mainland Europe. Here are five very good reasons for doing so.

Travelling On A Budget

Air travel: seven tips to improve your economy flight experience

If you’re not prepared to mortgage your house for first-class flights, then why not try these seven suggestions for making your economy flight experience feel a little more like an upgrade.

New South Wales

Coffs Harbour: more than a Big Banana

Putting its pricey neighbours to shame and with more to offer than just a Big Banana, Coffs Harbour well and truly won over Kay O’Sullivan. So, what does this coastal town have to offer for those on a budget?


Airport freebies: great things to do in transit

If you find yourself stuck in an airport, it needn’t be such a bad thing, as there are airports that offer free activities for you to enjoy on your stopover.


The hidden cost of budget airfares

Booking budget travel may look good for your bottom line initially, but hidden costs can add up to make your cheap flight a costly one in the end.


Cruising on a budget

Mary is keen to give cruising a go, but life keeps throwing financial curve balls that have put her dream on hold. We suggest cruising options that are both rejuvenating and affordable, and are a great way to give cruising a try.


Enjoy the quiet of Queenstown

Renowned as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is a spectacular destination which Lee Mylne reveals can be enjoyed on any budget.

Travelling On A Budget

Earning money on the road

It’s all well and good taking off on the open road but how do you fill in your time or make a bit of extra cash while you’re travelling? There are plenty of opportunities for those willing to give things a go, you just need to know where to look.

South Australia

Adelaide on three budgets

While Adelaide’s charm may be more understated than Sydney or Melbourne’s, it’s well worth the work to discover all this city has to offer.


Knocked out by Noosa

Noosa may be one of Queensland’s most popular beach resort but as Lee Mylne discovered, there’s more on offer than just sand if you’re willing to search it out.


Five best budget travel websites

No one likes to spend more than they have to on travel and these five websites can help you get the best deals on flights, hotels and those little luxury extras.

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