South America

South America on a budget

Q. My husband and I have wanted to travel to South America for some years, but are on a limited budget. How can we travel around South America without breaking the bank?

South America

Fly to South America for less

I have been taking a Spanish class at my local community college. One of my fellow students is married to a Chilean woman, and they have invited me to visit them at her family home in Chile. But the flights seem very expensive – is there any way to get to South America for less?

Seniors Finance

Money-saving fuel tips

When planning a self-drive holiday, factoring in the cost of fuel can make it seem unaffordable. These simple tips will help you reduce your spend on fuel.

Travelling On A Budget

House sitting – is it for me?

Kristine and her partner Geoff both think so. If you’ve considered house sitting but are not sure of the process, or if it’s for you, let Kristine and Geoff’s experience be your inspiration.

Publisher's Pick

Seacombe House, Port Fairy

Jean visits the beautiful, historic town of Port Fairy for the first time and finds that Seacombe House exceeds her expectations in all sorts of ways.


Five ways to travel for free… almost

Travel doesn’t have to cost the earth. In some cases it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. Discover Rachel’s top five ways to travel for free, then why not add your own ideas to the list?


Saving on the road

Keeping to a budget when travelling around is one way to make your money go further. YOURLifeChoices has some clever ideas for saving money on the road.

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