Canada has an annual hair freezing contest – and the pictures are amazing

There’s some stiff competition coming out of the annual hair freezing contest in Canada.


Top five tips for touring Toronto like a local

Leon visited Toronto for a couple of days to explore the city with an itinerary based on local tips and advice from those in the know.


Insider’s Guide: Niagara Falls and surrounding towns

There’s so much more to the falls than the falls. Just ask Anastasia Belashov and Korey Rorison, who share their extensive knowledge of the Niagara region with this insider’s guide to the falls.


Sandra Oh shows you how to fly like a Canadian

Air Canada launches its Travel Like a Canadian campaign, a series of fun how-to-be-a-better traveller promos featuring prominent Canadian celebrities.


Get to know the true Toronto by bike with a local guide

Toronto’s cool neighbourhoods are within an easy walk of each other, but the best way to get to know the city is by bike with a local guide.


'Deeksie' and Kaye present Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 7

Kaye and ‘Deeksie’ chat with Challenger’s chairman of retirement income, Jeremy Cooper, who offers his response to our members’ No.1 concern – running out of money


The fabled all-white Spirit Bear and its ancient rainforest home

Great Bear Rainforest is a film that tracks one of the world’s rarest animals through one of the most spectacular and secluded wildernesses on the planet.


Travel Vision: BC is simply breathtaking

BC is more than just scenery, but what you do see is simply breathtaking. Check out this video of some of BC's most scenic locations seen from the air – you’ll see what we mean.


Nova Scotia: A land where art is life and life is art

From fine artists to farm-to-table chefs, Nova Scotia is home to an amazing arts scene. But it’s not just painting and performing. Nova Scotians treat life as art – as we all should.


When it comes to holidays, this tiny town has big pull

Watch this video and you’ll see that Dawson City is a magical place that is easy to love and potentially difficult to leave – and the perfect place for a heavenly holiday.


Some destinations are more beautiful in the rain

It seems counterintuitive, but some of the world’s best cities also happen to be the wettest. Just because it rains a lot, does not mean that you can’t have a good time.


Through the lens: Canada's wildlife in action

From polar bears in Manitoba, Caribou in the Yukon and grizzly bears all over the country, the chance of spotting some of the local wildlife on your trip is highly likely.

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