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Liver cancer can be easily treated if caught early enough

It's your largest organ, so it pays to keep an eye out for the early signs of liver cancer.

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Nearly a third of melanomas may not be harmful, research finds

Melanoma is among the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia, but new research shows nearly a third of melanomas may not be harmful.

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University study links thyroid cancer risk to obesity

Obesity is on the rise in Australia and evidence suggests it is linked to an increased risk of thyroid cancer.

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Aussie discovery provides new hope for cancer patients

Researchers from the University of South Australia and SA Pathology have made a breakthrough in the treatment of a rare and debilitating blood cancer.

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Cancer breakthrough – study points to three risk-cutting factors

A breakthrough study has identified three simple steps that, when combined, can cut your cancer risk by 61 per cent.

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How cancer patients can beat the threat of lymphoedema

Research shows breakthrough is more effective at preventing the condition than traditional means.

Brain health

New strategy could be a lifesaver for brain tumour patients

A new medical trial could save the lives of Australian brain tumour patients.


How to cope with a cancer diagnosis in your own way

Comedian Janey Godley shares how she is coping with an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

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Australia’s bowel screening program saved my life

Why you should do Australia’s bowel cancer screening test – it could save your life.

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Over-55s are driving a surge in skin cancer rates

Despite sun-smart messaging, skin cancer rates continue to rise – with over-55s driving the surge.

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Sweeteners may be linked to increased cancer risk – research

Artificial sweeteners have helped many kick the sugar habit, but research says they may present their own set of health risks.

Health Checks

Is it a lump or something to worry about?

Lumps can be concerning, but it's best not to panic, as it may be a normal reaction or a swollen gland. Here's when you should worry about a lump.

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