Age Pension

Will our Age Pension be reduced?

Will the end of the carbon tax mean a reduction in the Age Pension?

Carbon tax to go

The Federal Government has announced that the carbon tax will be replaced by an ETS

Carbon pricing claims

Experts claim the Coalition Direct Action Plan is flawed.

Carbon Tax

Carbon tax: what else can you do?

Whether or not you are receiving compensation under the Household Assistance Package, it pays to look at ways in which you can reduce your household energy bills.

Electricity is overpriced

It’s official. Even the Prime Minister thinks that Australian energy costs are excessive. In a speech yesterday Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave the states until December to take the pressure off electricity prices or be hit with “the big stick of regulation”.

Carbon tax impact on aged care costs

Aged care facilities have been given the go ahead by the Government to take their share of carbon tax compensation paid to residents. From 1 July, aged care facilities have been able to take an extra 1 per cent of a resident’s pension to cover costs related to carbon tax increases. This sees aged care facilities able to claim 85 per cent of a resident’s pension payment.

Carbon tax: why is it happening?

The Government will introduce a tax on carbon pollution in a bid to reduce Australia’s emissions under the Clean Energy Future Bill, but how will this affect household budgets?

Carbon tax: how much will it cost you?

The carbon tax is likely to hit the hip pockets of the Australian consumer.


Carbon tax: what will you get?

Many people assume they will be worse off when the effect of a tax on carbon starts to hit the cost of living. The Government has devised a means of compensation, but just how much will you get?


Carbon tax: report a false price increase

There is a fear amongst consumers that businesses will use the carbon tax to simply increase the cost of their goods and services without validation. If you suspect this to be the case, you can report them to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

A serious budget for serious times

Yesterday I was privileged to again attend the Budget Lock-up, but what exactly is a budget lock-up? Simply put, all of the country’s media gather in Parliament House in Canberra and at 1.30 sharp, are locked up in a series of rooms to pour through the details of the budget papers and come up with their take on the proceedings. Oh, and you can’t leave until 7.30pm when Wayne Swan begins his budget speech. And did I mention there was no coffee available throughout all of this?

Centrelink – Services Australia

Clean Energy Advance payment

The first payments under the Government’s Household Assistance Package to meet the costs of carbon pricing will soon be hitting bank accounts. How much will you get and when?

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