How caregiving takes its toll

Caregiving is a valuable and rewarding job, but it can also be stressful, and it’s easy to overlook your own wellbeing. You shouldn’t.

Age Pension payment rates

Can carer take paid ‘time out’ if her husband dies?

Jane cares for her husband and receives a Carer Allowance. She is concerned about the future and how she would survive if her husband were to pass away.


Government update 2018

Part of making retirement affordable requires fully understanding your entitlements and rule changes. So here’s the latest government update to help clarify

Mental Health

Are you a carer? Here are 10 ways to help reduce stress levels

It is important to look after one’s self, otherwise, if your own cup is empty you will have nothing left to give. If you’re a carer, here are 10 ways to help reduce your stress.

Health & Ageing

Health tips for over 50s

As people move into their 50s, 60s and beyond, health problems may become more numerous and more varied.

Age Pension

Volunteering and Centrelink

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits volunteering can be a great alternative to paid work. Volunteering often won’t affect your payments, however it is important to find out if there are restrictions on the number of hours per week you can volunteer.

Carer Payments

What is a carer?

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Carol, does a fantastic job looking after her elderly parents but would like to know if she meets the criteria to be classed as a carer.

Carer Payments

Payment of Carer Supplement

As of 1 July 2011 the Carer Supplement of $600 will be paid to those eligible but who will get this supplement?

Carer Payments

Caring for my sick father

Rhonda’s question concerns whether she will be able to claim a carer’s allowance should she return from overseas to look after her father.


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