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Could you cope with travelling to a cashless country?

Could you cope with travelling to a cashless country? Experts say that by 2023, cash will not exist in Sweden – and other countries could soon follow.


Creative ways to make some extra cash

When money gets tight, it’s time to get creative. Here are 10 ways you can make some extra cash from home.


Five tricks to turn your backyard into a cash cow

There are many fuss-free ways to make money from your backyard. Here are just five ways to effortlessly capitalise on your real estate.

Finance News

One quarter of households under stress: report

About one quarter of Australian households have less than $1000 in cash savings, a new report has found.


New phone app to convert hobbies into businesses

A new smartphone app will be launched on January 23 to help older women gain the confidence and skills needed to turn their hobbies into extra income through online microenterprise training.


Morning show hosts call wrong winner

A UK morning show makes a call to a prize-winner’s house, but the wrong person picks up. Watch to see if this mix up ends in tears or laughter.


Ways to make $100 at short notice

Would you have a hard time coming up with $100 at short notice? Here are four ways to make some fast cash for those unexpected expenses that inevitably pop up.


Rethinking the role of cash in your retirement income

In an era of low returns, many retirees are questioning the value of cash investments. Jon Kalkman of the Australian Investors Association (AIA) assesses the options.

Finance News

Will cash be obsolete in 10 years?

With the growing popularity of ‘cardless cash’, new research has revealed that within the next five to 10 years, cash will become obsolete.

Mortgage & home Loans

Equity release – is it for you?

Equity Release Schemes or Reverse Mortgages as they are more commonly known, have received their fair share of bad press. However, with careful investigation and an understanding of the common pitfalls, a Reverse Mortgage may be a good way to access money for those who are asset rich but cash poor.

A bus-load of money

Well done Ken Grenda and his sons, Scott and Geoff, who have looked after the employees who made their business successful and netted them a cool $400 million from its sale. Putting aside $15 million to provide a ‘thank you’ for loyal employees, the Grenda family have ensured that they will be recipients of any ‘Employer of the Year’ awards being handed out.