Pete Townshend turns 70

British rock star and guitarist for The Who, Pete Townshend, turns 70 today. The Who remains one of the most influential bands of the 1960s and 1970s.


Where were you in ’62?

Acclaimed film director George Lucas, best known for his Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, turns 71 today.


Connery only has eyes for his wife

Sean Connery and his wife Michelle Roquebrune celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.


Joni Mitchell is not in a coma

Sixties icon Joni Mitchell has not slipped into a coma – despite reports to the contrary.

Happy Birthday Bettie Page

Iconic 1950s pinup and Playboy centrefold model Bettie Page was born on this day in 1923.


Dennis Quaid goes on a tirade

Actor Dennis Quaid was filmed unleashing a tirade of abuse on a crew member who stepped on set during filming.


Rusty denied citizenship, twice

Russell Crowe has twice been denied Australian citizenship.

Social Networking

Why join Twitter?

Twitter is an easy, low-maintenance way to keep up with the latest social trends, breaking news, celebrity gossip and industry developments. So, how do you get started?


Neil Diamond

Flashy showman and crowd-pleasing crooner, Neil Diamond, turns 74 today.


Who would you send to the jungle?

A new TV show will send celebrities to the jungles of Africa, but the uptake of willing volunteers appears to be slow. Who would you send if you had the chance?

It’s not what you know…

When radio host Chrissie Swan innocently posed for photos with her children Leo, 3 and Kit, 9 months, she couldn’t have imagined the backlash she was to suffer via a tweet from a skinny, childless starlet. n n

Are fat parents to blame?

What is the main role of a parent? To nourish, nurture and educate their children in the ways of the world. Well, it seems one ‘celebrity’ mum has gone too far with the ‘nourish’ but is she killing her children with kindness?

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