Carer Payments

Centrelink Q&A: Carer’s allowance

Rosario is caring for a husband with dementia and wants to know if she qualifies for the carer’s allowance.

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Centrelink Q&A: Living overseas

Charles spent most of his working life in Australia but has chosen to retire overseas and wants to know how he will be able to afford living expenses in his Canadian home.

Pension eligibility

Centrelink Q&A: Shared housing

Robyn is looking to move closer to the city and is considering buying a house with a friend, who wants to do the same thing. But Robyn is worried it will hurt her Age Pension eligibility.

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Do you qualify for a PCC?

Age pensioner Bob has received Pensioner Concession Card for his younger wife, even though she’s not on the Age Pension. He thinks it’s a mistake. Is it?


Will I lose my concession card?

Gerald will soon lose his Disability Support Pension and wants to know if he’ll also have his Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) cancelled. Today, we’ll explain his options, should his card be cancelled.


Can I travel overseas?

James is confused by Centrelink rules and wants to know if a second overseas trip will affect his Age Pension.

Pension eligibility

Age Pension and residential status

Bruce has been an Australian resident for 35 years and, although he hasn’t been a citizen for that time, he wants to know if he can still apply for an Age Pension when he is of retirement age.

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How Centrelink assesses property

Martin is employed part time and his wife works full time. They both own property and have some questions about how they will be assessed when it’s time for Martin to apply for an Age Pension.


What happens if Centrelink is wrong?

Eric believes he is being unfairly assessed by Centrelink and has asked us whether we can help him figure out if he is right about his suspicion.

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Will my PCC be reinstated?

Since the changes to the assets test earlier this year, Rob lost his Age Pension and is wondering why he hasn’t had his Pensioner Concession Card reinstated.

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Can I get an Age Pension?

Francine and her husband are both 71-years-old. Her husband is still working, but Francine wants to know if it’s worth her applying for an Age Pension or seniors card.