Retirement Affordability Index

Government changes that could affect your retirement

YourLifeChoices keeps you up to date with the latest government changes that could affect your retirement.

Age Pension

Centrelink's 'absurd and wrong' decision to cancel pension

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has found that Centrelink incorrectly cancelled the pension of an 80-year-old man living with dementia in a nursing home.

Centrelink News

When does super count as an asset?

Anne is confused as to why her superannuation counts as an asset.


Over-55s are languishing without work, sparking calls for change

A report finds older Australians are over-represented in the long-term unemployment statistics.


What happens if your primary residence is outside Australia?

Andrew lives in Singapore but owns a property in Sydney and wants to know how the assets test will be applied.

Carer Payments

Grandparents and informal carers falling through support gaps

Advocates say informal kinship carers need more support and resources.


When does your house cease to be your primary residence?

Paul wants to know what happens to his pension if he pays rent to live in a holiday house?

Claiming your pension overseas

What help is available to Australians who can't get home?

Yaser's father lives overseas and hasn't been able to submit a pension claim. What are his options?

Estate planning & wills

Inheritance rules and the Age Pension explained

Will your windfall mean that you lose your pension?

Age Pension

Keyboard slip costs couple $20,000 in pension payments

Centrelink at fault for wrong pension calculation but refuses to fix error.

Technology News

Services Australia pays $1.2 million for spyware technology

Services Australia is using technology bought from an Israeli cybersecurity firm to investigate potential fraud.

Centrelink News

How your superannuation affects the Age Pension

Services Australia general manager Hank Jongen explains how lump sum withdrawals affect the Age Pension.

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