Child abuse victims rushed

The Government has announced that stakeholders will have just one week to make submissions to the Royal Commission into institutionalised child abuse in Australia about which issues should be investigated and how information should be shared.

Secret confessions

The decision by the Federal Government to set in motion a Royal Commission into allegations of sexual abuse of children has made headlines around the country. As we reported on Tuesday, for the first time in the life of this Parliament, there exists bi-partisan agreement on the necessity for such a wide-ranging investigation. But as the Government approaches the really difficult task of setting the terms for this Royal Commission and choosing the commissioner(s), another issue has arisen. And that is whether the confessional seal of the Catholic Church should be observed, or whether Catholic priests should be forced to report details of crimes against children that they have heard during confessional.

Child abuse Royal Commission announced

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a Royal Commission to investigate the institutional responses to decades of child abuse in Australia. The decision comes after a fresh outcry over the weekend was sparked by Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox. The senior policeman has alleged that investigations into child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church were hindered, and in some cases compromised, by church officials.