Sweet and Sour Chicken

Using chicken thighs with the bone in makes this meal a little more affordable. The sauce can easily be doubled to use for another time, perhaps for sweet and sour pork?


Baked Rice Paper Spring Rolls

These Baked Rice Paper Spring Rolls are a great, lighter version of the usual deep-fried version.


Clive takes on the Chinese

On Monday night, the ABC’s Q&A promised a lively discussion of power, poverty and social equity. And for a while there this is what we saw. Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, the Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, simply let it rip. In response to a question about his election funding, he declared that the Chinese are mongrels, bastards and trying to take over the country. Seriously. If you find this difficult to believe, watch it here for yourself below.


Chinese Pork

Toss some cubed pork together with the fresh flavours of bok choy and snow peas for a quick and easy Chinese dinner for you and three of your friends.