Chocolate can cure depression

A 2019 study, examining associations between chocolate consumption and depressive symptoms, found that eating dark chocolate may positively affect your mood and relieve symptoms of depression.


Got a craving? Instant chocolate cake is the answer

Next time you’re craving something sweet after dinner, try Chocolate Cake in a Mug. It takes five minutes to make and uses only six ingredients.

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Chocolate and Peanut Butter Slice

Our easy Chocolate and Peanut Butter Slice recipe is perfect for making a last minute dessert. It only uses five ingredients, and no baking is needed.

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Three ingredient fruit cake

Three ingredients is all it takes to make this delicious, moist fruit cake. It's so easy you won't just make it at Christmas.

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There’s so much you don’t know about chocolate

Chocolate has been linked to improved memory and reduced heart disease, but there’s so much more you don’t know about this sweet treat, such as …

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Chocolate Salami – no cooking required

This recipe is a no-cook simple treat that will surprise guests with its appearance and its wonderful flavour. The ingredients can be varied to suit your tastes and supplies.

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Cheesecake Brownies – an elegant and delicious treat

These delicious marbled Cheesecake Brownies are an easy and elegant dessert that literally melt in your mouth.


Layered Chocolate Crackle Slice

Get busy with the kids in the kitchen and make these tasty Christmas delights to give as gifts to friends and family – or just as a treat for yourself!

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Colourful Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

You can't go wrong with these colourful popcorn-sized chocolate crackle balls. The grandkids will love helping to make and eat them too!


Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

Now everyone can enjoy Grandma's classic chocolate brownies with this gluten-free alternative.


Cherry Coconut Cheesecake with Chocolate Crackle Base

A heavenly combination of a crunchy chocolate crackle base with a creamy cherry coconut cheesecake filling, topped with chocolate coated cherries is perfect for entertaining.

Health news

Is there really such a thing as chocolate addiction?

We’ve all heard the term ‘chocoholic’ bandied about to describe someone who likes chocolate, but can the term be applied in the same way as ‘alcoholic’?

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