How do you iron a cotton shirt without lifting an iron?

You're standing at the ironing board ironing your fifth shirt of the day, and you think to yourself, "if only there was a way to iron without actually having to iron." Well, there is.

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Save money by taking better care of your clothes

By taking better care of your clothes, you’ll not only ensure that they’ll last longer, but you’ll also save money on your wardrobe. Here are 20 tips for safeguarding your garments.

Target misses the mark

A Port Macquarie mum has unwittingly started a Facebook campaign against the ‘trampy’ nature of Target’s children’s clothing range. Ana Amini, a primary school teacher, wrote on Target’s Facebook page “Dear Target, Could you possibly make a range of clothing for girls 7–14 years that doesn’t make them look like tramps… You have lost me as a customer when buying apparel for my daughter as I don’t want her thinking shorts up her backside are the norm or fashionable.”


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