Seven sound reasons to use Snapchat

Snapchat is yet another in a seemingly endless stream of new social media apps. So, what does it do and why should you bother using it?


Origin of taking ‘with a grain of salt’

Taking what someone says ‘with a grain of salt’ means that you are skeptical about what you’re being told. Can you guess how this phrase originated?


The possible origins of ‘ducks in a row’

To get one’s ducks in a row means to ensure all the finer details of a plan are in place before it begins. People have been using the phrase for a long time but not many know its origin.


A comical look at the way modern society ‘communicates’

Are you tired of seeing slack-jawed phone junkies staring at their screens and wandering around like zombies? Well cheer up and check out this comical take on the situation.


The origin of ‘chip on your shoulder’

Have you ever become so angry that you can’t let it go? You could even say you had a ‘chip on your shoulder’. It’s a nice phrase to describe a not-so-nice feeling, but where did it originate?


Discover the origin of the saying ‘penny for your thoughts’

If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘a penny for your thoughts’, it’s fairly obvious what they mean. But do you know how the saying originated or who said it first?

From where does the phrase ‘beat around the bush’ originate?

We’ve all been told to stop beating around the bush at some stage in our lives, but from where did the saying originate and what does it mean?


Telstra denies the church influenced its decision to abandon gay marriage advocacy

Telstra is in hot water over its reported decision to abandon the marriage equality debate, after the Catholic church allegedly threatened the telco with removing all of its accounts if it persisted with the controversial issue.


Researchers have discovered exactly what makes a person creepy

We’ve all met someone who’s a little creepy. We’re not sure why, they may just emanate a certain something that makes your skin crawl. So, what makes a person creepy?


How to set up custom text messages you can use to respond to calls

Can’t answer a phone call because you’re driving, eating or in an important meeting? Learn how to set up custom text messages that you can use to respond to calls you can’t take.


Study reveals that using Aussie slang increases likeability

Whether you’re from Tassie, Franga or Townie, so long as you pronounce your town name as such, your likeability increases, according to an ANU study on the use of Aussie slang.


Telstra bushfire assistance

Telstra customers affected by the Victorian bushfires will be able to access an assistance package to maintain or re-establish connection and communication.

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