Finance News

Health insurance cop fires blanks

The body that mediates disputes over health insurance is a toothless tiger, the competition cop’s recently tabled report has revealed.

Aged Care

Making an aged care complaint

Arranging the right aged care services is just the first step, with monitoring them on an ongoing basis a necessity. But what do you do if something isn't quite right?


Five most offensive TV ads

While most of us simply tune out when the ads come on TV, some viewers are so incensed they complain to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB).


Telstra cops fine for poor service

Telstra has been fined $510,000 for failing to meet new urban connection targets.

British style guru offends viewers

Target has been forced to defend its choice of British, gay style expert Gok Wan in its TV adverts, as viewers complain about his use of colloquialisms for women’s breasts.


How to stop telemarketers

The Do Not Call Register is run by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). If you put your phone or fax number on the register telemarketers and fax marketers are required by law to stop contacting you.