Security flaw exposed in popular computer brand

Security experts Kaspersky have exposed a security flaw targeting the online automatic update service of the world’s fifth largest computer company, ASUS.


Older Australians are the fastest-growing online learners

Australians over 65 are the fastest-growing new adopters of non-formal online education, according to new research commissioned by NBN Co.


TECH Q&A: What to do when you lose your landline

Kerry wants to know if she has to sign up to an expensive deal to keep her landline once the NBN is installed in her area.


Are your devices getting slower with age?

Dealing with a device that has consistently slowed down the longer you’ve had it? There may be a simple reason behind this slowdown and even a quick fix to the issue.


The benefits of turning off your device

Every device, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, has a limited lifespan. You may be shortening the lifespan of your devices without even knowing it.


How to protect your computer with a firewall

If you use a computer at home, the most effective and important first step you can take to help protect your computer is to turn on a firewall.


Why your ‘strong’ password isn’t really that strong

Some of the tips and tricks we use when creating a password may actually make us more vulnerable to hackers, according to the expert who originally designed password guidelines.


How to customise your desktop background and appearance

Are you one of those people who leaves default settings on your computer? Personalising your PC can make it feel a bit more like your computer, and it isn’t difficult to do.


How to search for safe, free software

The web is full of choices, but how do you know what is safe and what isn’t?


How to update your computer’s software

Knowing how to keep your software updated can improve your computer's stability and security and let you know about new features.

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You can mute loud, annoying web sites? We show you how

There are few things more annoying than having multiple tabs open while you are surfing the web, only to be interrupted by autoplay videos. You can fix the problem by muting web sites.


CHOICE rates the nation’s best and worst internet providers

Is your internet provider the worst? CHOICE rates the nation’s best and worst internet providers, based on connection reliability, value for money and customer support.

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