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Are you eligible for a concession?

Concession cards are as valuable as any income support payment you will receive – the discounts offered by governments, local councils, utility companies and private businesses can amount to considerable savings over the year.

Age Pension

Who will receive concessions?

Concessions can be a vital component to being able to survive on a fixed income, so Beryl is keen to find out whether her partner is covered under her Pension Concession Card.

Health News

New drug laws could lower prescription costs

If the Government accepts new proposals, cheaper generic drugs could benefit concessional and pensioner patients who account for 80 per cent of prescribed medicine users.

Seniors Card

Getting the most out of your seniors card

One of the biggest advantages, and possibly offering the largest savings, is the transport concessions available to holders of Seniors Cards

Age Pension

Will I get a pension bonus now?

Paula is contemplating retirement when she turns 64 next year but is unsure if she will get a pension.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Contacts

Mary would like to now how she can limit her time on the phone to Centrelink by contacting the correct department in the first instance.