Centrelink Q&A: Will I lose my concession card?

Gerald will soon lose his Disability Support Pension and wants to know if he’ll also have his Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) cancelled. Today, we’ll explain his options, should his card be cancelled.


Centrelink Q&A: Where is my Pension Concession Card?

John hasn’t received his Pensioner Concession Card and wants to know where it is. Today, we update him on when they will be delivered and who to contact to find out more.


Commonwealth Seniors Health Card concessions explained

Sandra has just found out that she may be entitled to a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, but would like to know what concessions and benefits she would receive with this card.

Disability Support Pension

Age Pension or DSP – which is better?

After a visit to the vehicle-licensing office, Joe is unsure whether he would be better off remaining on the Disability Support Pension (DSP) or switching to the Age Pension.


Leading Liberals look to unseat O’Dwyer over super changes

Leading Liberal Jack Hammond QC is unhappy with the increased taxes he faces on his superannuation contributions and he is seeking his revenge on the Financial Services Minister.


What concessions are available on ambulance cover?

Now that Sheila is in receipt of an Age Pension, she would like to know if she is entitled to free ambulance cover. Debbie explains how the concessions on cover are applied.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016/17: super tax concession cuts confirmed

Confirming what we already suspected, tax changes will be the cornerstone of Budget 2016/17, with reduced superannuation tax concessions for the wealthy the big issue.

Seniors Finance

Telstra charge for paying cash

Toby has noticed a charge of $3.20 on his Telstra bill, just because he pays in cash, and he would like to know if this is allowed?


ACOSS hands the Government its $9.5 billion savings plan

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has handed the Government a plan to save around $9.5 billion a year, in the hope that some funds will be redirected towards social services.

Finance News

Downsizing: are stamp duty concessions available?

Sandra is considering downsizing but is struggling to find the correct information on whether she will receive a concession on stamp duty.


PBS changes could be costly

As of 1 January, pharmacists have the option to charge up to $1 less for prescriptions. But even if passed on, you could end up paying more for common medicines.


Super reform to target the wealthy

According to the Grattan Institute’s Super Tax Targeting report, winding back super tax breaks for the wealthy and taxing super earnings could save the budget almost $7 billion per year.

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