Meet Samuel Johnson – optimist, tin-rattler, campaigner

Samuel Johnson is: an optimist, a ripper fundraiser, a record-breaking unicyclist, a runner, an advocate, a talented actor, a loving brother. He is not: a pessimist, a victim, disillusioned.

Food and Recipes

Pen, plate and garden still drive Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander is tireless. The renowned cook, restaurateur and food writer has built her reputation over 30-plus years and she appears to have no intention of slowing down just yet.


What does a retired journo do? Writes a book of course

Graeme Willingham has played with the same basketball team for 50 years and decided it was the perfect foundation for his first book, Not Bad Thanks.

Aged Care

Forget space exploration, get cracking on a due date

Science and research have broken through many barriers, but Viki Wright Rivett argues that there is an obvious area ripe for more attention – our due date.


Connections: Remember the thunder box? And billy carts?

billy carts, drive-in movies, kick-to-kick during half-time at the footy?


Connections: The changes that have rocked our world

Has life been a roller-coaster of change for you? We start with the horse and cart and head to a text message exchange 35,000 feet over the Pacific.


Connections: How Champ and Sally put smiles on faces

Combine a serial volunteer with a dog that loves people and you have a combination that delivers a lot of joy to a lot of people.


Dying with Alzheimer’s – as undignified as it gets

A YourLifeChoices member has urged us to broadcast the absolute necessity of an Advance Care Directive. He is watching helplessly as his mother dies a slow, undignified death.


Connections: A cockatoo made this family a fortune

You’ve probably never heard of Len Hunter, but there’s every chance you have an iconic Australian product at home that his family created. He tells how a cockatoo created a fortune.


Connections: First cars – joy, freedom, running costs!

First cars mark such a momentous time in our lives. They meant freedom, independence, adulthood, bills! YourLifeChoices writers relive their first car experiences.


Connections: Five years on the road and loving life

“The hardest part of doing nothing is knowing when you’ve finished doing it.” That’s the sign Michael Vaughan has been hanging at his campsite – wherever that might be – for the past five years.


I wrote my autobiography. You can too – and you should

Peter Harris started his autobiography in earnest about 10 years ago. He explains how and why you should write yours.

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