Could green tea help to combat COVID?

Swansea University researchers are investigating how humble green tea could yield a drug capable of combating the coronavirus.


The COVID problem experts say must be accepted - and corrected

In the open air, the virus is diluted and dispersed, but inside tiny particles can linger, spread and build up to dangerous levels, experts warn.


Blueprint for when the next coronavirus strikes - and in which year

Something similar to COVID will happen again, says Professor Carl Kirkpatrick, and he even estimates when.


What exactly is vaccine shedding? Does it occur with COVID-19 jabs?

In this week's CoronaCheck, we take aim at incorrect claims about COVID-19 vaccine "shedding" and AstraZeneca blood clots.


How to clean your car to limit virus spread

We’re urged to wash our hands regularly, wear gloves to handle fruit and vegies and practise self-distancing. But have you been cleaning key elements of your vehicle? Motoring writer Paul Murrell tells what we must do.

Health news

When a 'deep clean' is ordered, what actually happens?

It's unclear how many cases of COVID-19 are acquired through surface transmission, but a careful cleaning of surfaces is important. Here's how that happens.


Calls for messaging to undo harmful impact of Astra Zeneca reports

The media has been keelhauled for reporting negative effects of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, with aged care advocates calling for action to undo the impact on older Australians of such reports.


What we know about the recently approved single dose vaccine

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine has been approved in the US and this one works with just one dose instead of two.


Vaccine passports on trial by Air New Zealand could enable air travel

Vaccine passports, being tested by Air New Zealand on flights to Sydney in April, could help enable the return of some international air travel to Australia later in 2021.


When will I get the coronavirus vaccine?

The countdown is on for the first person in Australia to get the COVID-19 jab, with the first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine touching down…


What chickens can tell us about living with COVID-19

The poultry industry has been living with an avian coronavirus since the 1930s, and what we know about that virus can tell us a lot about how to tackle SARS-CoV-2 and future human coronaviruses.


New measures will protect Australians from COVID-19 on all flights

New measures to protect Aussie travellers from COVID-19 on board domestic and international flights and in airports have been announced by the national cabinet.

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