Does wearing glasses protect you from coronavirus?

China study shows remarkably low infection rates among people who wear glasses.

Centrelink News

Centrelink assets test waiver set to end next week. Are you still eligible?

The Centrelink assets test waiver is set to end on 24 September, and its reinstatement will create a set of new challenges for anyone depending on those payments.


What armchair COVID ‘experts’ are getting wrong

Now everyone’s a statistician, it’s way too easy to be taken in by misinformation.


We may already have a COVID-19 vaccine right in front of our faces

As far as some scientists are concerned, we may already have a COVID-19 vaccine right in front of our faces, with masks potentially holding the key to herd immunity.


Why it’s so important to choose the right bubble buddy

After months of lockdown, single Victorians who live alone are now able to create a ‘single-person bubble’ with one other person.


All eyes on UK’s 15-minute COVID test plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes a ‘pregnancy-style’ COVID-19 test administered daily could deliver Britons a ‘freedom passport’ before Christmas.


Oxford vaccine trial on hold after participant falls ill

Drug maker says trial has been ‘voluntarily paused’ to allow a review of a ‘single event’ by an independent committee.


Are those symptoms hay fever or COVID-19?

The symptoms of hay fever and COVID-19 are similar, so experts are urging us to get tested if we are in any doubt.


Fears stroke victims are failing to heed warning signs

Fewer people are presenting at hospitals for stroke during the pandemic, leading to pleas from medical professionals for anyone with symptoms to seek help immediately.


Victoria’s roadmap back to COVID normal is a ‘necessary evil’

Victoria’s roadmap to COVID normal has been met with scathing criticism, yet those who understand how quickly the virus could decimate the state say it is a ‘necessary evil’.


Why these mask-wearers are a danger

Study shows volume and spread of aerosol droplets when face shields are worn without a mask underneath.

Finance News

Where the recession has been biting hardest

Australia’s recession is the deepest since the Great Depression. Economist Peter Martin outlines the key areas affected and tells why the Treasurer might need more duct tape to hold the economy together.

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