Power bill shock rocks Australia

Hospitals and health care facilities are the latest victims of power bill shock caused by Australia’s rising electricity costs.


Rent costs may bust pension system

If Australia’s pension system is to maintain pace with rising housing costs that prevent people from owning a home, then the Government may need to act now to redress our housing affordability crisis.

Living in retirement

Rich versus poor in retirement

New research has found that the expenditure levels for most retirees is similar, regardless of income – but low-income households are spending more than their income.

Finance News

End petrol price gouging

Rob, a YourLifeChoices member, has had enough of the price of fuel and thinks it’s time something was done about it. Here’s what he has to say:

Federal Budget

Economy faces gloomy outlook

According to the latest Consumer Pulse Report released by Choice this week, consumer confidence is at a three-year low, with one third of Australians rating the economy as ‘poor’.


Rising costs hitting hard

The CHOICE Consumer Pulse Cost of Living Report states that many Australians are finding it difficult to make ends meet, with fuel, electricity, food and health topping their list of concerns.

No cost of living pressure

Economic modelling suggests we’re actually $5302 per year better off

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