Beginners’ cruising questions answered

Want to dip your toe in the waters of cruising but not sure what to expect? YOURLifeChoices answers your cruising questions.

Same sex couples have dinner with Julia Gillard

Three same-sex couples dined with Julia Gillard and her partner last night at The Lodge. The couples won the exclusive dinner last year at the Press Gallery Midwinter Ball charity auction. The couples were backed by activist group GetUp!, which bid $31,000 on their behalf.

Pensioners aren’t cool enough

I do not begrudge the three same-sex couples their dinner with our Prime Minister last night. But why them? Why not, say, three pensioners who would like to discuss the fact that after working hard their whole lives they now can’t afford health insurance or dental care?

The fight for gay marriage in Australia

With the ALP National Conference in town, a key area of debate is on the current marriage laws in Australia, with at least two MPs expected to strongly voice their opinion supporting gay marriage.


Lose yourself in Langkawi

Langkawi is the perfect destination for Aussie couples looking for a romantic getaway, and a dose of well-earned rest and relaxation.


Set off to sensational Sabah

The coastline of Sabah is a paradise of alluring beaches and island retreats. Sabah is the perfect destination for families, couples and singles looking to laze the days away on white sandy beaches, or by the pool of one of the many fabulous resorts in Kota Kinabalu. For the more adventurous, head to the east coast, for some incredible diving.