Domestic travel insurance: why you should consider buying domestic cover

Whether you are exploring Australia for fun or taking an important business trip, having domestic travel insurance behind you can often mean an easy and assuring experience.


Has your insurer misled you?

The ACCC has called out private health insurance companies for misleading consumers and potentially breaching policyholders’ contracts – and the law.

Legal & General

How sound is your decision making?

Putting aside what your children may assert, one day you may be asked this question and you'll get the answer wrong - along with most other things. But it’s not just loss of mental capacity due to the ageing process that you need to consider and make plans to address. It’s more immediate than that.

Shocking cover girls

Surprise to shock to thinly veiled horror has been the reaction to two recent magazine covers. Kaye gives her opinion on whether it is okay for these actors to digitally alter their images when the aim of the photo shoot is to celebrate age.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Will we be excluded from affordable travel insurance?

My partner and I are both 73 years of age and planning to travel to Europe to visit family for three months. I want to buy travel insurance for our overseas holiday but my partner suffers from a pre-existing medical condition that is stopping him from obtaining cover. Is there any way around this?

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Australians aged 50+

Cover is automatically available to travellers aged less than 86 years when purchasing Comprehensive International and Australia only, giving much needed peace of mind when booking your next trip.