Allowing Omicron into Australia not yet an option for over-65s

Allowing Omicron into the community isn't a viable option just yet, says Australia's chief medical officer, especially not until we know the effects on older people.


Younger children missing from the vaccination picture

Younger children missing from the vaccination picture – and that's a problem.


Coatsworth says Australia should welcome new COVID variant

Omicron variant may be milder version of COVID that we want to spread.


New Omicron variant hits Australian shores

The new Omicron COVID-19 variant has hit our shores, but scientists and health experts are urging people not to panic until more is known about the variant.


Friday Reflection: Your reaction to anti-vaxxers changing tactics

Our article on the tactics being employed by anti-vaxxers certainly stirred up a hornet's nest.


Why did Sydney's COVID cases fall faster than Melbourne's?

New daily COVID cases in NSW decreased rapidly from a peak of more than 1600 in early September.

Seniors Travel Insurance

You can get COVID travel insurance. But what does it cover?

Major companies including NIB and Qantas are starting to sell travel insurance again.


Will Australia follow Europe into a fourth COVID wave?

Boosters, vaccinating kids, ventilation and masks may help us avoid it.


Expert guide to taking a rapid antigen test

Could these increasingly accurate 15-minute tests become a household staple in the war on COVID?


Pandemic worsening social and digital equality for older Aussies

Older Australians are at risk of being left out in the cold as a growing digital divide prevents them from social access and engagement, say advocates.

Travel News

Travel tool helps you see what countries are safest

As Australia slowly starts to begin thinking about international travel again a company is helping travellers assess the various risks.

Travel News

When is Australia's cruise ban likely to be lifted?

Health minister Greg Hunt is working on retracting the order that has stopped international cruise ships from entering Aussie waters.

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