Could a vaccine 'pass' for public spaces work in Australia?

Helping vaccinated Australians enjoy more freedom makes sense but are there legal obstacles? Two academics tell what can and can't work and why anti-vaxxers will always find a way.

Travel News

Most travellers support the use of a vaccine passport

Airlines and travel agents have been preparing for the introduction of travel passports and the public is ready to embrace the idea as well, according to a survey.


Anti-vaxxers' latest ploy to bypass contact tracing stuns authorities

Government and health leaders condemn move to effectively sabotage contact tracing.


Are you developing addictions during lockdown? Watch for these signs

Restrictions on our day-to-day lives present a variety of challenges and hardships.


Lockdowns extended, as report shows effects on cognitive ability

With the Victorian lockdown extended and Dubbo added to the lockdown list in NSW, a report has found the health measure is harming concentration.


Government chases down COVID overpayments, but not from big business

The government has sent 11,000 debt letters chasing JobKeeper overpayments from individuals, while letting business off the hook.

Brain health

Study finds link between COVID and increased risk of Alzheimer's

More research needed but studies find brain health is adversely affected.


Will pensioners in lockdown get a COVID payment?

Elizabeth wants to know whether pensioners in locked-down states can expect an economic support payment this year.


Major cruise line sets sail after 500-day suspension

Hopes for a return to Australian cruising as the first of Norwegian Cruising Line's fleet sets sail from Athens.

Travel News

Airlines provide first glimpse of how international flights will work

Qantas and Jetstar announce the way forward for allowing international flights to resume.


Australia's vaccination plan is too late and a masterclass in jargon

Six months after the prime minister received his first jab, Australia finally has a national plan to roll out COVID vaccines.


The COVID-19 'vaccine passport' is coming. Here's how it will work

Rather than just asking Australians to get a COVID-19 vaccine, governments will start treating the vaccinated differently to the unvaccinated.

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