Personalities that abide by COVID rules

Your personality traits determine how well you abide by social distancing laws. Who will wait on the checkout line footprints and who will rage against them?

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Don’t put your health on hold

Managing your health during the current pandemic is challenging, to say the least. The major concern is that underlying health needs are being ignored, and that’s why we are speaking with Dr Andrew Rochford from the Australian Digital Health Agency about why you should not put your health on hold.


Post-COVID travel trends

The travel industry has been irreversibly changed by COVID-19, and so have our attitudes. In a post-COVID world we can expect to see more local travel, more wellness getaways, more camping and more work away trips.


State ‘essentially in stage 4’: Premier

Face masks will be mandatory across the state from midnight on Sunday and other restrictions are set to apply from Thursday, premier announces on a black day for Victoria.


Land of ice, fire and flights

On the 15 June, Iceland fully reopened its borders, bars and mind-boggling natural attractions to international tourists.


Sicily tempts tourists

Half of your flights, one in three nights’ accommodation and all of your museum passes paid for. Would this entice you to visit this Mediterranean island?


Face masks better than handwashing?

Scientists have found that masks, not handwashing, provided the best line of defence for US sailors caught in a coronavirus outbreak onboard an aircraft carrier.


Working from home

Across the country people are working from home … some with more difficulty than others.


Growing trend in lockdown to be maintained

If you took to growing vegies in the coronavirus pandemic, then keep it up when lockdown ends.


Stimulus spending to make or break

The government has pledged a $200 billion stimulus package to boost the economy. How it’s spent may determine our economic success – or failure – for decades to come.


COVID-19 stroke fears

Experts are concerned about newly observed, severe effects of COVID-19 infection, including the incidence of stroke and the possibility of long-term organ damage.


Fund returns for quarter analysed

Chant West shares its research as fewer Australians than expected take up the superannuation early release offer.

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