Online thieves are targeting elderly Australians more than ever

Criminals are scamming older Australians at a higher rate than the rest of the community and the ACCC warns that this is their peak season.


Explainer: Why police will be crucial players in the battle against coronavirus

How our law enforcement agencies will perform a critical role in combating the virus and ensuring public safety.


Poll: Mr Pell’s conviction may be a symptom of a flawed system

Was George Pell’s conviction and subsequent sentence fair? Or is it a symptom of a flawed system? YourLifeChoices members have their say.


New tool allows users to check the safety of their suburb

A new interactive tool allows Victorian and New South Wales residents to compare crime rates in their neighbourhood to those of other areas in the state.


One in four Australians hit by cyber thieves

Australians lost $48 million to cyber thieves between January and August, according to Scamwatch – and with many scams going unreported, these are only the ones we know about.


Statistics highlight adult children assaulting parents

Around one-third of assaults against people aged over 65 were committed by their families, with their own children accounting for more than 60 per cent of those cases, analysis of Victorian crime figures shows.


Victoria Police officers fake more than 250,000 breath tests

An internal investigation has revealed that over a five-year period, more than 250,000 roadside breath tests were falsified by Victoria police officers.


Concerned about crime? Here’s how to stay safe at home

If you feel vulnerable at home, given the rising crime rates in many areas of Australia, follow these tips to feel safe and secure.


Top seven countries where you are most likely to be kidnapped

Today’s world can be quite a dangerous place, especially for tourists. Some kidnappers target tourists so that they can request ransom money from their families and make a living out of it.


$165 million tax fraud is Australia’s largest ever white collar crime

The man responsible for investigating tax fraud is now at the centre of a $165 million ATO fraud investigation believed to be Australia’s largest ever white collar crime.


Commonly stolen goods at Christmas

While most of us pay for our Christmas shopping, there are those who prefer the five-finger discount – simply shoplifting the goods they want.


A UK-born mother faces deportation after 28 years in Australia

A British-born 30-year-old mother-of-five faces deportation for her criminal past, even though she has lived in Australia for 28 years. She is begging for a second chance, but should she get one?

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