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Kimberley Cruising on the Orion

Geraldine McGrath, a friend of the YOURLifeChoices team, had always fancied a cruise around the Kimberleys, but with so many options on offer, how did she decide which cruise would suit her best?


Voyage of Mediterranean Discovery

Spring is one of the most delightful times to visit Europe and enjoy the breathtaking sights, sounds and scents, all of which Italy has in abundance. MSC Cruises has the ideal Mediterranean itinerary to explore and experience all that the chicest country in the world has on offer.


Tuscan discovery

If you’re not quite ready to make it to Italy for a European spring sojourn, then perhaps an autumnal Tuscan trip sounds appealing.


MSC Yacht Club voted number one

Everyone enjoys a little luxury when travelling. It doesn’t come much more luxurious than MSC Cruises’ prestigious onboard sanctuary, MSC Yacht Club, which, unsurprisingly, has been voted number one by those who count, the passengers.


Northern Europe is music to the ears

The experience of cruising across the waters of Northern Europe has just become even more appealing. MSC Cruises’ offers a program which focuses on the breathtaking beauty of the Norwegian Fjords and the enchanting charms of the Baltic capitals – all at bargain prices.


Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik

Our final shore excursion was chosen by SJ – four hours of sea kayaking around the walls of the old town in Dubrovnik. And whilst initially I had some misgivings, I think this adventure is the standout moment of our cruise.


The good habit holiday

Family and friends have accused me of simply wallowing in the luxury onboard the MS Nieuw Amsterdam. But they are missing the point.


Five fun cruises

Cruising for some may be all about the ports visited or the final destination but for others, it’s about having fun while you’re on board.…

Publisher's Pick

Publisher’s Pick – Mediterranean cruises less than $100 per night

There was a time when cruising was the preserve of the rich. But over the past decade that has changed and now most travellers can…

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