Travel SOS: When is the best time to travel to Antarctica?

Catherine wants to tick off an item from her bucket list, but isn’t sure when she should travel.


Travel SOS: Is there an easier way to pay for cruises?

Anne is struggling to save for her cruise holiday and wants to know what options are available.

Cruise Deals

Eight-day Alaska cruise from $5579, including flights

Embark on a luxury cruise with a difference with Silversea. Set sail from Vancouver on 20 August 2020 and travel to Anchorage, Alaska.


Travel SOS: What are the best river cruises for singles?

Paulette wants to know if there are any river cruises that offer single cabins.

Cruise Deals

Coral Expeditions expands solo traveller program

Coral Expeditions is expanding its solo traveller program with a range of new options and offers that cater for contemporary solo travellers.


Travel SOS: How do cruise lines handle food allergies?

Poppy is considering going on her first cruise but is worried about her gluten intolerance.

Editor's Choice

Pay 2019 prices for 2020 cruises with European Waterways

European Waterways is offering an ‘early bird’ promotion that lets guests lock in their 2020 cruises at 2019 prices.

Cruising Tips

The stress-free way to disembark from your cruise ship

Finishing your cruise can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cruise Deals

Save up to 75 per cent off with Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Cruise & Maritime Voyages is offering guests up to 75 per cent off a range of last-minute voyages.

Cruising Tips

Cruise ship cabins you should avoid

You may not intend to spend a lot of time in your cruise ship cabin, but you’ll be surprised at the difference getting the right one will make for your time at sea. So, if you want your cruise to be smooth sailing, here are the cabins you should avoid.


The three best cruise ships in the world

The days of all cruise ships being alike are over. We look at some of the world’s best.


Boomers spending the inheritance on cruising

Baby boomers are spending more money than ever on cruises, according to new data from

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