CSHC income limits

From 20 September 2016, the income limits that apply to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) have been indexed, meaning you may now be eligible.

Seniors Supplement stand-off

A bill to abolish the Senior Supplement is due to be introduced to the upper house this week, but looks to be another Budget measure struggling to gain support

Carbon Tax

The Carbon Tax: What’s in it for self-funded retirees

If the treasury modeling is correct, and prices rise by 0.7 percent, with a supplement of 1.7 percent you should have an extra ten dollars each week, starting July 2012. nBut if your energy bills are higher than 2.5 per cent of your income, you may find this gain is eaten away. How much better off you will be really depends upon how much of your income goes on power.


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