Demise of the lovable larrikin

Back then, our larrikins were all earthy, irreverent types, devoid of malice and viciousness. Now they seem to have disappeared.


Culture shock

It was a culture shock for Peter Leith and his family, arriving in Perth from India in 1938.


What our earliest memories mean

Researchers who study memory have found that different cultures and upbringings have a bearing on what we recall from our very early lives.


Funeral practices around the world

Around the world, funeral practices serve as markers of culture and tradition and help us understand different beliefs. From death beads to fantasy coffins, which of these unusual funerals would you choose?

Tours & Trips

Eight must try cultural experiences

Can you imagine cooking Thai food in Bangkok? Sailing the canals of Venice? Or even seeing a live show in an ancient Greek amphitheatre? These exciting cultural experiences are a must-try at least once in your life!

Travel Q&A

How to respect your destination

We all love heading off on a holiday, and whilst experiencing new cultures, environments and traditions is a lot of fun, it’s also important to treat your destination with the respect it deserves. Here’s how.


What children eat for breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast? One photographer went around the world to discover what children in other countries are eating for breakfast.


Experience the benefits of travel

You don’t have to go overseas to simulate the beneficial effects of travel. Try adopting some of these subtle life changes to see how much better you feel about the world around you


How to eat like a local

Experiencing a country's cuisine in the way the locals do can make your trip that much more memorable. Here are some great tips to help you get your fill of cuisine and culture.


The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a trip through Europe, often following a specific route, which was undertaken by upper-class young European men. A Grand Tour could last from three months to several years, and was designed to educate the upcoming aristocracy in antiquities, artworks, music, local culture, geography and the nature of man.


Getaway to gorgeous Georgetown

For a holiday rich in culture, history and relaxation you can’t go past Georgetown, in Penang.


Malaysian festival and events

Malaysia’s rich and diverse culture is celebrated with a large range of festivals and celebrations every year.