Cheating spouses exposed

Cyber criminals have attacked, the website that encourages men to have affairs.


Aussie identity theft hits 772,000

More than 772,000 Australians have fallen victim to identify theft over the past 12 months costing each victim an average of just over $4000.

Safety Online

Cyber safety survey

After the success of our recent online safety survey, we made a submission to the Joint Select Committee on Cybersafety. The federal Government is now conducting its own survey on the online safety of older Australians. We encourage you to take part and let your voice be heard to improve online safety for us all.

Safety Online

Scam warning

Internet scams are a very real problem and according to some reports, 20 per cent of the Australian population were affected by cybercrime in 2011. This is quite a damning statistic and provides a useful wake up call to internet users who presume that scams only happen to ‘other people’.