Credit Cards

Credit card reforms

New credit card reforms coming in to play on 1 July 2012 could save Australians over $2.4billion in charges. So how can you save the most from these changes?

Bank customers make the switch

In last year’s December quarter, more than 50,000 home-owners refinanced their mortgages with other banks, totalling $12.6 billion of mortgage business. This increase in switching was led by customers looking for a better deal.


Save on your Canadian adventure

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada’s radiant coastlines, awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains and culture-hub cities attract visitors from around the globe. But trying to see everything on your own can mean you experience Canada from a tourist’s perspective.


Luxury China & Vietnam with APT - 2012 / 2013

Discover the secrets of Imperial China as we take you through the country's most treasured destinations. Visit the Forbidden City of the Chinese Emperors in Beijing, the Great Wall at Badaling, and the magnificent underground army of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an. You'll also enjoy a luxurious cruise along the Yangtze River, travelling aboard the Sanctuary MS Yangzi Explorer.

European Rail Tours

Free Camera with every Eurail Pass

Dinner in Paris, lying on a Greek beach, shopping in Barcelona, wandering through Tuscany, and you will have the happy holiday snaps to help you remember your European Adventure. Simply purchase a Eurail Global Pass and you could be taking your photos with a free Olympus digital camera.