The medical devices that may be a ticking time bomb

A range of commonly used medical devices is responsible for 83,000 deaths worldwide and 170 in Australia, according to a global investigation.

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Elderly at risk, says annual audit of surgical deaths

Most deaths during or immediately after surgery involved elderly patients, an audit reveals, while a campaign for a public register of surgeons' performances in Australia continues to hit hurdles.


Speak up and ask questions in order to stay safe

It’s likely we will all experience a hospital stay at some stage in our lives, more so as we get older. So what can we do to minimise the risk of a medical mistake?


Ebola outbreak continues to spread

The Ebola outbreak affecting Western Africa is the largest recorded outbreak, claiming more than 2000 lives already. The UN Health agency expects "exponential increases" in new cases.

UN document reveals warm future

A leaked UN document on climate change identifies Australia as a country at risk.